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the All-in-one coffee maker

HandyCoffee is the Perfect Choice for Coffee Lovers who are searching for Portability, Simplicity, Durability and Money Saving. It Consists of a Durable Coffee Grinder, a Stainless-Steel Filter, a Microwavable Drip Kettle and a Vacuum Sealed Tumbler. We believe that HandyCoffee is the Only Portable Coffee maker in the world that supports Both, Hot Brewing and Cold Brewing.

Insulated Tumbler

Double wall-insulated tumbler (capacity 450ml) with a cover Lid, Keeps your coffee warm or cold for almost 12 hours for cold coffee and 7 hours for hot Coffee.

Adjustable Burr Grinder with a foldable handle

Fully adjustable ceramic burr grinder with a foldable handle. Bean level markers for 10, 15, 20 and 25 grams to ensure consist coffee every time.

Microwavable Drip Kettle

Pre-measured pouring kettle (270ml) with a spout, giving you precise control. Made from food grade quality PP plastic, safe to microwave on medium power. Has a top storage capacity of 25 grams of Coffee beans.

Easy to Clean Reusable Coffee Filter

Stainless-steel, Laser etched, micro-filter dripper. Say goodbye to disposable filter papers!

Enjoy Your Favorite Coffee ANYWHERE, ANYTIME

Enjoy Fresh, pour over Coffee while camping or filtered cold brewed coffee, at the office, hotels or just at home! The all-in-one and compact design allows you to have great coffee Anywhere, Anytime. You need only fresh coffee beans!


Microwavable Drip Kettle

Easy To Clean Reusable Coffee Filter

Adjustable Ceramic Burr Grinder

Insulated Tumbler

Compact & Lightweight


Cold & Hot Brewing

Best for Camping

No Leaks

30 Days Money back guarantee

Coffee Storage

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The Original Portable Coffee Maker & Grinder

It's very Easy!!

Just Grind your favourite Coffee Beans and pour over your Hot or Cold Water

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Microwavable Drip Kettle

Made from food grade quality PP plastic, safe to microwave on medium power.
Now you can heat your milk outdoors in hotels and work.

It fits easily in any pack!

COMPACT design makes HandyCoffee extremely portable as your usual sized Tumbler.

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No Leaks!

Thanks to the bottom silicon lid which can be placed in your tumbler, this will block any leakage while HandyCoffee is in your pack. Don't forget to wash your bottom lid before using it to seal your tumbler.


How To Use

How To Use?

Three Simple Steps to use the HandyCoffee Set

3 Simple Steps

Add 20g – 25g of coffee beans into your grinder & Start grinding. Use Bean level marks in the grinder to know the weight of your coffee. Bean weight level marks are there for 10, 15, 20 & 25 grams

Step 2

Unscrew your grinder & Pour slowly 270ml of Hot water, from your pre-measured microwaveable pouring kettle. Brew your coffee by Pouring hot water into your ground coffee in a circular manner, till water reaches the top of your filter

step 3

Wait 3 minutes till your Coffee gets dripped through your Stainless-steel filter and your brewing process ends

Just 3 minutes to Brew!

It takes about 3 Minutes to Brew 25 grams of Coffee, grinded on Medium Grinder settings, with 270ml of hot water.

The Best Choice For Camping


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Save more than $100 compared to a usual pour over coffee set

Market Comparison

Say Good-Bye to buying coffee filter papers as HandyCoffee has a durable laser etched Stainless Steel Coffee Filter. 🌳 Trees will be Saved

The Compact design of HandyCoffee won't take much space as the usual pour over coffee set which makes it easily portable.

HandyCoffee has a Vacuum Sealed Tumbler which can keep your coffee warm or cold. This is also not available in a usual pour over coffee set!

The Drip kettle of HandyCoffee is made up of microwavable plastic which can be used comfortably in hotels not like drip kettles of pour over sets which are made up of metal, not suitable to be in a microwave.

Pour over sets are usually made up of glass or ceramic which makes it easily breakable compared to HandyCoffee made up of durable materials making it unbreakable.

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